Writing Panel Choices

Type 1 - Outdoor Black Marker Board (not for chalk)
Weather resistant steel writing board.  For use with wet erase markers.  WILL NOT WORK WITH CHALK.

Type 2 - Outdoor porcelain chalkboard (WORKS WITH CHALK AND BILLYBOARDS MARKERS as well as other brands of wet erase "chalk" markers). Only at billyBoards, a true premium outdoor porcelain chalkboard panel, specially constructed to resist the elements.
Little Peddler Outdoor A-Frame Easel with Natural Finish

Make Your Mark In Style!

Completely weather resistant, heavy hardwood frame finished with exterior urethane. 

Weather resistant steel writing board.

Special white marker provided. Won't wash off in rain!!!
Comes of easily with detergent (Formula 409).

Weighs nearly 30# for excellent wind resistance without any additional weighting.

The most elegant outdoor sign on the market!
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