Metal frames
Metal frames
Metal frames
Metal frames
The traditional, warm look of hand lettered chalkboards and billyBoard's elegant frames combined in a system that makes menu changes painless.

Use white wet erase markers to write on the magnetic strips. Change a single item without risking damage to the others on the board (like conventional chalkboards). Move strips to  reorganize your menu effortlessly.

Offered in a myriad of frame styles, and magnet configurations.

You'll love the look and flexibility of these menu boards.

Menu Board write on
menu board wipe off
Write on!
Wipe off!
Magnetic menu board
Menu board and strips
Menu Boards and Restaurant Signage from billyBoards
featuring Menuflex and EZ Guide menu boards
The latest innovation by billyBoards. A non-magnetic black marker menu board that is flexible, easy to use, attactive, and above all - economical! Create your own custom header or choose one of our pre-printed headers or graphics.

For use with wet erase markers like the Zig Illumigraph sold in our marker section. Not intended for chalk.

Features our new EZ Guide System which has a light crosshatch, grid pattern that helps align and orient your written message and menu items. The alignment grid and any board graphics are printed beneath the writing surface and protected from erasure.

Offered in a mulitude of frame styles and sizes to suit your design needs.
Floor standing black marker boards,chalkboards and easels can communicate your specially tailored message to customers. Change your message as frequently as you like!

Floor stand boards increase your success rate with foot traffic and street traffic. There can be no greater return on your advertising and marketing dollars, than the purchase of one of these attactive signs.

Offered in a mulitude of frame styles to suit your design needs.

billyBoards will print your custom menu board design to perfectly suit your needs.

Any size, any of our numerous frame choices and your unique offerings.

You can combine permanent printing of menu items, with write-on wipe-off changeable pricing!  billyBoards has this special expertise and technology.
Mahogany A-frame easel