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The traditional, warm look of hand lettered chalkboards and billyBoard's elegant frames combined in a system that makes menu changes painless.

Use white wet erase markers to write on the magnetic strips. Change a single item without risking damage to the others on the board (like conventional chalkboards). Move strips to  reorganize your menu effortlessly.

You'll love the look and flexibility of these menu boards.

                         - Larger sizes
      - Option of one to four columns of magnets.
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Make Your Mark In Style!
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Magnetic menu board
Menu board and strips
billyBoards Menuflex System
Magnetic Menu Boards
The world's most flexible menu boards!
Blue chalkboard
Metal frames
Executive frames
Silver executive
Catalog Honey executive
Gold Executive
Leather executive
Expresso Walnut chalkboard
Stainless chalkboard
Executive frames
Metal frames
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Included with each board:
  - Magnetic strips from top to bottom of board (1.0", 1.5", or 2.0" height ).
  - One white wet erase marker.
  - Z-cleat wall mounting system make board hanging and removal easy.
  - Optional magnetic header/footer strips available (3.0", 4.0", 5.0", or 6.0").

Choose your frame style first.
Then choose how many columns you want.
Two column board