Flexible Magnetic Dry Erase Board Planning Systems
with aluminum frames

Create your own planning board!
Innovative new way to create your own planning board.  Alternating gray and white horizontal bars are preprinted on the board. When used with the movable 1/4" magnetic column dividers, you can create the columns you need to easily format and reformat your board as your needs change. Offered with three options for the height of the horizontal grey and white rows - 1.0", 1.5" or 2.0".
Chart by month

Movable 1/4" magnetic stripes allow you to create the columns you need, and easily change the format of the board, as your planning and tracking requirements change.
                                    1.0" rows   1.5" rows   2.0" rows
24" high board                    22                 14              11
36" high board                    34                 22              17
48" high board                    46                 30              23
Kit includes board,  and 12 column divider strips. The table below shows the number of available rows, base upon the board height and the row height option you select.
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