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Orders for height or width less than 6" will be voided.
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Custom Board Size
Automatic Quote Generator
This template generates a quote for a custom size board using billyBoards stock frames and board panels.

Quote generated is for a single board. Discounts are available for multiple board orders, but these should be requested by phone: 847-717-0649.

Each custom board ordered through this system must be entered on a separate order.

You are responsible for the accuracy of the data entered. Custom boards are not returnable.

Board sizes are approximate cuts, not precision cuts. Boards are cut to a tolerance of approximately +/- 1/8".  Your requested dimension is the target size.

All orders are reviewed by billyBoards for reasonableness and soundness after submitted. If this review raises issues, you will be contacted shortly after the order submission. Lead time varies, but is generally 1-2 weeks to ship these boards.

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Attention: ALL FOUR board measurements must be accurately reeenterred to get an accurate quote.