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Black Outdoor Chalkboards
With Silver Satin Anodized Aluminum Frame
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Premium porcelain outdoor chalkboards

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Chalkboard with no tray.
Great for retail and restaurants!
Chalkboard with full length tray
- highest durability and longest life
- heavy duty use, great for restaurants and             retail.
- use with chalk
- use with "chalk" WET erase markers
- magnets WILL adhere
Be sure to select "with tray" or "no tray", and tray position correctly. No refunds or exchanges  for incorrect selections below.
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Our patent pending design with
rolled lip tray and deep frame extrusions make ours the most attractive basic aluminum boards on the market. Suitable even for upscale offices and homes.
There's nothing like them on the market.

The chalkboard surface is the highest quality porcelain on steel. The panel construction is composed entirely of non-porous materials to give the board extended outdoor life - free from warping and moisture absorption that you would experience when exposing a standard chalkboard to the elements.

Use with a regular chalk or markers sold by billyBoards.